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When to use: Sometime, Sometimes and Some Time

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Gaurav Munjal

When to use: Sometime, Sometimes, and Some Time * **Sometime** means “at some point of time” * **Sometime** also means “former, previous, past” * **Some time** means “a period of time”—usually a long period of time. * **Sometimes** means “occasionally.” Sometime: One Word Sometime: Adverb Unspecified point in time, and not a span of time. Some time refers to a span of time. *I’ll watch that show on Netflix sometime.* Sentence is not about “in how much time” will I watch the show. It's about that I will watch the show sometime. (unspecified) *Give me a call sometime, and we’ll have dinner.* Sometime: Adjective When used as an adjective it just means former/prior/past. *Roman, a sometime Asst. District Magistrate, now runs Unacademy.* This means Roman, a former Asst. District Magistrate, now runs Unacademy. Some Time: Two Words Span of time. *It will take some time for Rahul to finish his homework.* *I will reach the cafe in some time. * Whenever we talk about a span of time some time should be two words. Sometimes: One Word Sometimes, one-word adverb that means “occasionally”, “from time to time” or “(every) now and then.” *Sometimes I do follow the Ketto Diet, but most of the time it's simply impractical.* *Your theory doesn't always work. It works sometimes though. *

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