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Common Grammatical Mistakes By Indians
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In this lesson, we learn about the most common mistakes that Indians make while using certain words in the English Language. The use of anyway and anyways, the wrong usage of “only”, using “according to me”- which is wrong and the differences between - marriage vs wedding, giving vs taking an exam, doubt vs question, reply back vs reply and lastly passing out vs graduating.

Gaurav Munjal
Co-Founder and CEO at Unacademy. Love teaching Computer Science and English :)

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Respected sir i am in a critical situation that, after completing my class 12th in 2013 , i was interested in 2 pursue medical i had given 3 attempts but all 3 were utter flop with wasting of valuable 3 years . Sir now i am realising how important these 3 years are. Sir right now i am pursing Bsc degree now i understood how 2 face challenges .sir so my big Question is whether i can take upsc exams in spite of wasting 3 valuable years .......?? Sir please reply so that this poor can do something better so plz help me sir my humble request sir
Anyway, you did a great job. I am from Delhi and in my opinion it's an informative video. If you are married then when is your wedding anniversary. There are so many guys who will be married after taking upsc exam. I don't have any questions and I hope you will reply to my comment.I forgot to tell you about me, I am graduated in ME.
Saima Tabasum
3 years ago
Ha ha ha very nice ...
Akash Jain
a year ago
Sir........can you please make videos for IIT-JAM(for Msc entrance exam) sir please its my humble request........... sir please,please ,please,please,please
so what we use...i passed out my school in 2016 OR i gruduate my school in 2016
"I've graduated" or "I graduated in 2016" or I graduated from xyz university in 2016" Hope, it's clear!
The same goes for "high school" n "school".
"Anyways" is informal, but correct. "I have a doubt" can't be wrong. It's not impossible to have one if you take science into account. It's not unscientific.
  1. English Language 1 Errors by Indians Part 1 Date

  2. Anyway vs Anyways Anyways, what's up? * Anyway, what's up?

  3. 93 Usage of extra "only" I am from Delhi only, WRONG I am from Delhi. or I am originally from Delhi.

  4. According to me It's always "according to someone else". Rather say, Ila my opimionor Asper my point of view- + Rather say, "In my opinion..." or "As per my point of view..."

  5. Marriage vs Wedding Marriage is a state of relationship. Wedding is an event where two people get married. You got to a wedding not marriage. You celebrate a wedding anniversary.

  6. Giving vs Taking an exam You don't give an exam, you take an exam. When did you give your UPSC Prelims?-WRONG Wh en dia you take your UPSC Prelims?-RIGHT I took my exams last month,-RIGHT

  7. Doubt vs Question I have a doubt-WRONG I have a question. I have a question.

  8. Reply back vs Reply You do not reply back, you reply. Because reply itself means a response to something.

  9. Passing out vs Graduating You graduate from an institution when you complete your studies. You don't pass out. :)