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Common English Errors By Indians Part 2
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This is the part two of the video on Common English Errors that Indians make.

Gaurav Munjal
Co-Founder and CEO at Unacademy. Love teaching Computer Science and English :)

Unacademy user
IB on NGO :- When IB identified that some NGO are negatively impacting Economy and submitted it's report in 2014 , it was quite guessed already that there will be huge criticism for sure but only from the p.o.v of politics . But what IB submitted in its 24 page report was also trustworthy , why I am saying this , let's see :- 1. A significant no. Of ngo were funded by UK US Netherlands and other Scandinavian countries which were using fund to create an environment which lends itself to stalling development projects. 2. The negative impact on Economy was assesed to be 2-3% P.A. as reported that 7 sectors project were stalled becauseof NGo created Agitation against nuke power plant , uranium projects etc. 3. Report stated that NGO have plans for future too . 4. Earlier , HR , Poverty , Hunger was issue which were chosen by int. Org. To discredit india at global forum . But the shift in choice of issue was Growth retarding campaigns . 5. In recent times , NGO had become centric player in many field as it remain active and breathable because of funds that they receive from Foreign and which give them the power to bottleneck the growth and other progressive agenda of govt.
The course is too short.Wish we Indians made just this many mistakes.
Except the explanation given for 'I have a doubt', all the other points are quite useful. Could you please explain in detail why 'I have a doubt' is wrong?
I have doubt means that you are doubting on someone not about the question. I think so
Doli saini
2 years ago
as sir told in lesson doubt comes with negative sense ....pls correct if I m wrong
How can I add/upload vedios regarding verbal ability section of English language on unacademy ?
Sir thank you for making these awesome video , I regularly keep visiting unacademy website the only problem that I face is this website does not work well in IPAD (safari 8.4) . It will be cherry on the cake for me if I can access unacademy on all device's . PLEASE TRY TO FIX THIS
It"s quite useful to enthusiastic English learners who want to learn correct way learning without so called common errors which occur freqently
  1. Common English Errors by Indians Part 2

  2. Title "Mr" with the first name while addressing people, a very common mistake 0) Or is wrong o These titles should only be used with the last names or full namesS

  3. Real sister or real brother. o It's either sister/brother or cousin :) Years back' vs 'Years ago o If it happened in the past, it happened years ago, not "years back."

  4. . "Years back' vs 'Years ago o If it happened in the past, it happened years ago, not "years back." . "Discuss about"vs "D scuss" o You don't discuss about, you just discuss - discuss itself means 'talking about' Let's discuss about politics is wrong usage o

  5. 0) . "Discuss about" vs "Discuss" o You don't discuss about, you just discuss - discuss itself means 'talking about Let's discuss about politics is wrong usage . Out of Station out of town, out of city /not in the city o

  6. o Further is used for metaphorical terms (He tried to further his chances at success) while 'farther' is reserved for physically measurable distances. (New York is farther than London from Mumbai). - Source Quora Sources common-English-language-and-grammatical-errors-made- by-people-from-India o