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What is Direct and Indirect Speech? (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we'll learn difference between Direct and Indirect Speech. Thank you!

Praveen Bharti is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Praveen Bharti
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  1. DIRECT AND INDIRECT SPEECH OR SSC-CGL Presented by Praveen Bharti

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  3. DIRECT SPEECH/NARRATION Direct narration/speech is a kind of speech which is reported by some other person exactly in the words spoken by the speaker This speech is placed within inverted commas. or The exact words that someone says are called direct speech Meera said to me , I am busy now ."

  4. INDIRECT NARRATION/SPEECH Indirect narration is a speech which is reported by some other person by using certain conjunctions in place of commas and making necessary changes in the verbs and the pronouns of the reported speech Meera told me that she was busy then

  5. NOTE SOME CHANGES Meera said to me , " I am busy now Meera me . ." told 1 that she was 3 busy then 2 4 5 . said to told that she Am = was Now then

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