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Some other Changes (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we'll learn about Direct and Indirect speech. Thank you for watching this!

Praveen Bharti is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Praveen Bharti
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5 months ago
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nice sir जी good syllabus for us
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  1. DIRECT AND INDIRECT SPEECH OR SSC-CGL Presented by Praveen Bharti

  2. PLEASE NOTE Verb in the reporting verb is changed into tell" or "told with an object otherwise "say" and "said " are retained If the reporting verb is in the present or future or reported speech is a universal truth , the tense of reported speech does not change.

  3. EXAMPLES He says, "I am a doctor He says that he is a doctor She said ," I am a doctor." She said that she was a doctor." Rohini says ," I shall go to Delhi ." Rohini says that she will go to Delhi. . . . Teacher said to the students ," The sun rises in the East." Teacher told the students that the sun rises in the east

  4. NOTE SOME CHANGES Meera said to me , " I am busy now Meera me . ." told 1 that she was 3 busy then 2 4 5 . said to told that she Am = was Now then

  5. CHANGE IN ADVERBIALS OF TIME ,PLACE AND DEMONSTRATIVE Direct Indirect Direct Indirect Direct Indirect Direct Indirect Then The following week Now Next week The Next week following week The following year This That Next year A year ago A year before/the previous year That day The day before yesterday These Those Today Two days before Ago Before Tomorrow The next day /the following day come Thus The previous day /t he day before So yesterday Last day /year The previous day /year The previous night Last night

  6. EXAMPLES He said to me ," Mukesh will not go today." He told me that Mukesh would not go that day Ramesh said , " I saw the Taj two years ago ." Ramesh said that he had seen the Taj two vears before . Binni said to sinni ," Divya will go to school tomorrowW Binni told sinni that Divya would go to school the next day