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What are Tags and how is different from Categories?
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The lesson explain Tags in Digital Marketing and how is it different from Categories

Alok Badatia
With a decade of Industry Experience in Digital Marketing- I am a Coach, Writer, Speaker & Leadership Consultant.

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  1. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia Module 2 Planning & Creating of Websites By AloK Kumar Badatia Digital Marketing Coach & Consultant Can

  2. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia Lesson 7 Understanding Categories & Tags in WordPress (Part 2)

  3. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia What are the Tags'? Tag is one of the pre-defined classification in WordPress. Users can add tags to their WordPress posts along with categories. Category may cover a broad range of topics, where as tags are smaller in scope and focused to specific topics.

  4. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia Google sees them as keywords used for topics discussed in a particular post. So it has very high value for SEO In WordPress, if a user does not select a category for a post, then it is automatically filed into the default category. However, tags are not automatically added to a post unless a user adds them, which makes them completely optional, but there is not limit as to how many you can add.

  5. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia G AI U.S. L NAVY

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