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What are Categories and Tags in Wordpress?
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What are categories and why is it's Importance in digital marketing

Alok Badatia
With a decade of Industry Experience in Digital Marketing- I am a Coach, Writer, Speaker & Leadership Consultant.

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formating of sector =total capaciy- total no of sector formating of tracks =total capaciy- total no of tracks
Sweta Kumari
8 months ago
Very good
Very helpful lesson!
  1. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia Module 2 Planning & Creating of Websites By AloK Kumar Badatia Digital Marketing Coach & Consultant Can

  2. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia Lesson 7 Understanding Categories & Tags in WordPress

  3. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia What are Categories? Category is one of the pre-defined scheme of classification in WordPress. It is used to sort and group content into different sections. Categories provide a helpful way to group related posts together, and to quicklytell readers what a post is about. Categories also make it easierfor people to find your content.

  4. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia A website publishing content on a variety of topics can divide their website into sections using categories. A news portal can have categories for posts filed under Politics, Weather, Sports, Entertainment, Stock Market etc. If no category is specified for a post then the post is automatically filed into the default category. In a new WordPress installation, the default category is Uncategorized.

  5. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia Categories can have parent-child relationship. For example in the news website Sports can be the main or parent category while Soccer, Cricket, Basketball can be the child category. Further, cricket can be sub-categorized into T20 or IPLor India Tour of Bangladesh Basically, the main purpose is to set a hierarchy of the information that you provide on your website or blog

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