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What are Pages and how is it different from Posts
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What's are features of page and how is it different from a post?

Alok Badatia
With a decade of Industry Experience in Digital Marketing- I am a Coach, Writer, Speaker & Leadership Consultant.

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Micro Economics is the study of a single economy entity,whereas macro economics is the study of cluster of individual economic entities.
  1. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia Module 2 Planning & Creating of Websites By AloK Kumar Badatia Digital Marketing Coach & Consultant Can

  2. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia Lesson 6 Understanding Posts & Pages in Website (Part 2)

  3. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia What are Pages? Pages are meant to be static "one-off" type content such as your about page, privacy policy, Terms & Conditions, etc. While the WordPress database stores the published date of the page, pages are timeless entities This is VERY IMPORTANT

  4. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia For example, your about page is not suppose to expire. Sure you can go back and make updates to it, but chances are you will not have about page 2012, about page 2013 etc. Because there is no time and date tied to pages Pages are not meant to be social in most cases thus does not include social sharing buttons, or comments

  5. Trainer: Alok Ku. Badatia Unlike posts, pages are hierarchical by nature. For example, you can have a sub pages within a page. Page 1 Page 1.1 Page1.2 Page1.1.1 Page1.1.2 Page1.2.1 Pages also have this archaic feature called Order which lets you customize the order of pages by assigning a number value to it.

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  10. Trainer Alok Ku. Badatia Posts Vs Pages (Prime Differences) We can always use plugins and code snippets to enhance the features of both posts & pages. Below is the list of Prime Differences by default. Posts are time-centric vs. Pages are timeless Posts are social vs. Pages are NOT Posts can be categorized vs. Pages are hierarchical.