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Vocabulary - Part 4 (in Hindi)
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I have tried my best to make you all well versed with the English vocabulary section with the help of root words.I have given a limited list of only those words which are important for all of yours examination whether it be SSC or bank.

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Q 1. both statement about longitudinal (parallel) wave and transverse (perpendicular) wave is true. Q 2. option a. Because velocity of sound will not be affected by atmosphere pressure
6 months ago
Great :)
mam Malapert Courageous ka synonym hoga ya Antonym hoga???
thank you so much ma'am :) ,,what is the difference between Digamy & Bigamy ?? plz explian ma'am
Thanks for this lesson. it gives new idea to learn more words and also to revise words
Madam your course is very help full to me ,I request to you mam to continue this course with every root word so I can learn a lot from you . my second request is to give the information about the word whether it is noun,verb....etc and also make sentences tanks
Barkha Ma'am it's a verY good course, no doubt. But what I want say is if you kindly explain the words with the help of a sentence then we can understand the usage as well.. that's all I had to say.. Nice work ma'am..I Appreciate your effort.
  1. Vocabularies from root word

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  3. Root word-CALLI Meaning-beautiful Calligraphy callipedia call!phony The art of beautiful handwriting The desire to bear a beautiful child Beautiful or elegant sound

  4. Root word - GAMY Meaning-marriage Practice of keeping one life partner Monogamy Bigamy Practice of keeping two life partners Misoga mist one who hates marriages

  5. Philogamist one who loves marriages Marriage within a specific group especially required by customs or law Endogamy

  6. Exogamy Marriage out of a specific group especially required by custom or law Marriage in an equal or higher caste or social group Hypergamy

  7. Hypoga my Marriage in a lower caste or social group 0psigamy Marriage late in life