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Vocabulary - Part 1 (in Hindi)
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I have tried my best to make you all well versed with the English vocabulary section with the help of root words.I have given a limited list of only those words which are important for all of yours examination whether it be SSC or bank.

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Barkha Agrawal
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20/20 correct noun error detection thank you so much sir....
very nice video mam and thank you
mam I little confuse about the concept of Root word mam I give you one example than after you easily undustand my query suppose I have two word homicide Root = code prefix = homi mam tell me we can or we can not write this word like Root = homi sufix = cide second word is uncountable Root = count prifix = in suffix= table mam my second question is in word which part meaning we known than after we can get whole word meaning suppose in second word I known meaning only the the Root part this is count than after I can get whole word meaning
thank you so much ma'am for such a course . I request you to continue the course . :)
  1. Vocabularies from root word

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  3. Root word- EGO Meaning- I, self Word formed- Egoist Egotist Egocentric Egomania Alter ego Ego trip

  4. Meaning of the word Egoist concerned with only Egotist One who loves talking about oneself Egocentric One who limits oneself to one's own needs

  5. Meaning of the word Extremely selfish Egomania Alter ego The other side of one's personality or a trusted friend. An act or course of action that enhances and satisfies one's ego. Ego trip

  6. Root word-LOQUA Meaning-Speech Word formed Loquacious Soliloquy Somniloquist Eloquence Elocution Monologue

  7. Meaning of the word one who talks too much Loquacious Soliloquy Somniloquist The act of talking to oneself one who talks in sleep

  8. Meaning of the word Eloquence Art of making forceful speech. Art of public speaking. Soliloquy , a long speech. Elocution Monologue