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Vocabulary - Part 2 (in Hindi)
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I have tried my best to make you all well versed with the English vocabulary section with the help of root words.I have given a limited list of only those words which are important for all of yours examination whether it be SSC or bank.

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Barkha Agrawal
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mam please make summary on 10th class in hindi
thank you so much mam
thank u very much mam .a video mere liya bohat helpful hua
mem ye root mostly bank me use honge?
  1. Vocabularies from root word

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  3. Root word-CACO Meaning- Bad, Evil. Word formed Meaning of the word Harsh sound One who loves hearing harsh cacophony Cacophonophilist cacospectamania sound The obsession of staring at something which is repulsive.

  4. cacography Bad spelling or bad hand writing cacology A bad choice of words cacodemon maniac Someone who is controlled by an evil spirit

  5. cacoethes An insatiable desire Bad skin cacoderma Caconym An errorneous name cacodontia Bad teeth

  6. cac hydrophobia Fear of contaminated water Cacodorous Bad smell Cacogen An antisocial person