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Vocab 38
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Vijendra Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vijendra Singh
Teaching at Sanctum English Jaipur for three and half years. 600 selections so far in SSC & Bank exams. SUTRA - Read write read write .....

Unacademy user
if possible then pls discuss Important and frequently asked articles and trick to memorise them. thank you
  1. Vocab for SSC/Bank Vijendra

  2. Cynical Adjective Not believing that something good will happen Skeptical Scornful Pessimistic Doubtful Derisive Sneering I'm a bit cynical about the benefits of the plan

  3. Revel Verb To spend time enjoying in a noisy way Enjoy Indulge Savour Relish Take delight Wallow Bask She was clearly reveling in all the attention He reveled in the freedom he was allowed.

  4. Emaciated Adjective Thin and weak Wither Deteriorate Fade Decay Dwindle Shrink He was thirty, but looked fifty with pale skin, hopeless eyes and an emaciated body, covered in sores

  5. Malign Verb To say bad things about sb/sth publicly Defame Insult Vilify Slur Slander Disparage Smear She feels she has been much maligned by the press.

  6. Vacuous Adjective showing no sign of intelligence Empty Void Idle Apathetic Blank Stupid Incurious She had a vacuous expression on her face.

  7. Absolve Verb To state formally that sb is not guilty or responsible for sth Clear Pardon Excuse Forgive Discharge Vindicate Exculpate Exonerate Justify Acquit

  8. Debonair Adjective Fashionable and confident Refined Suave Stylish Charming Sophisticated Urbane Cultured Buoyant Elegant On the day of his wedding, my brother looked debonair in his tuxedo.

  9. Enigma Noun A person or situation that is mysterious and difficult to understand Mystery Puzzle Quandary Paradox Riddle Dilemma Conundrum Problem Even after years he still remains an enigma to me.

  10. Overt Adjective Done in an open way not secretly Open Obvious Visible Manifest Plain Noticeable Conspicuous There was little overt support for the project.