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Vocab 37
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Vijendra Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vijendra Singh
Teaching at Sanctum English Jaipur for three and half years. 600 selections so far in SSC & Bank exams. SUTRA - Read write read write .....

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  1. Vocab for SSC/Bank Vijendra

  2. atone verb to act in a way that shows you are sorry for doing sth wrong in the past reconcile repent make reparation redress offset make amends make up for to atone for a crime a desire to atone

  3. caper verb to jump around in a happy and excited way frolic frisk cavort hop romp leap dance

  4. Ostraciz<e Verb To refuse to let sb be a member of a social group Exclude Exile Segregate Shun Banish Expel Outlaw He was ostracized by his colleagues for refusing to support the strike.

  5. Prone Adjective Likely to suffer from sth Vulnerable Iclined Liable Tending Susceptible given Working without a break makes you more prone to error. Tired drivers were found to be particularly prone to ignore warning signs.

  6. Vacillate Verb Keep changing your opinion Waver Sway Go back and forth Wobble Hesitate Oscillate Teeter The country's leaders are still vacillating between confrontation and compromise

  7. Ardent Adjective Passionate Fervent Fierce Vehement Dedicated Spirited Fiery Avid Keen Devoted He is an ardent supporter of European Unity

  8. Austere Adjective Simple and plain Simple Unadorned Forbidding Basic Somber Functional Their clothes were always austere

  9. Confound Verb To confuse and surprise sb Baffle Bewilder Perplex Puzzle Astound Stupefy Flabbergast Mystify Startle Stun Flummox The sudden rise in share prices has confounded economists.

  10. Cynical Adjective Not believing that something good will happen Skeptical Scornful Pessimistic Doubtful Derisive Sneering I'm a bit cynical about the benefits of the plan

  11. Emaciated Adjective Thin and weak Wither Deteriorate Fade Decay Dwindle Shrink He was thirty, but looked fifty with pale skin, hopeless eyes and an emaciated body, covered in sores

  12. Debonair Adjective Fashionable and confident Refined Suave Stylish Charming Sophisticated Urbane Cultured Buoyant Elegant On the day of his wedding, my brother looked debonair in his tuxedo.

  13. Overt Adjective Done in an open way not secretly Open Obvious Visible Manifest Plain Noticeable Conspicuous There was little overt support for the project.

  14. Pious Adjective Having or showing a deep respect for God and Religion Holy Reverent Virtuous Spiritual Sanctified Devoted He was revered by many as a saint because he was so pious

  15. Plunder Verb To steal things from a place, especially using force Loot Raid Forage Strip Pillage Ransaclk Rob Only a small amount of money that he plundered from his companies has been recovered.

  16. Respite Noun A short break Rest Relaxation Lull Pause Recess Gap Hiatus Relief There was no respite from the suffocating heat. She continued to work without respite

  17. Trite Adjective Dull and boring Banal Commonplace Ordinary Run-of-the-mill Stale Hackneyed Clich It is a trite observation that there is no such thing as a standard of international law She seemed bored and asked trite questions.