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Vocab 23
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Detailed description with real life examples

Vijendra Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vijendra Singh
Teaching at Sanctum English Jaipur for three and half years. 600 selections so far in SSC & Bank exams. SUTRA - Read write read write .....

Unacademy user
Mona Choudhary
8 months ago
good... keep it up😊 keep learning 😊😊🖋🖋
Sir mere English mein marks bhaut km aa rhe,, plzz sir help me main inko kaise improve karu
Vijendra Singh
a year ago
newspaper padhna sikho
  1. Vocab for SSC/Bank Vijendra

  2. Coalesce Verb To come together to form one larger group, substance etc Blend Mix Unite Incorporate Merge Integrate Fuse Amalgamate The puddles had coalesced into a small stream.

  3. Deluge Noun Flood Flood Downpour Inundation .When the snow melts, the mountain stream becomes a deluge. We have been deluged with application of jobs.

  4. Incantation Noun Special words that are spoken to have a magic . Chant . Charm Invocation Abracadabra Magic formula

  5. Pseudonvm Noun A name used by sb instead of their real name False name Assumed name Alias Incognito Pen name She writes under a pseudonym. The rebel chief uses the pseudonym Mogambo"

  6. Quibbling Verb To argue or complain about a small matter Niggling Caviling Ambiguous . Carping .Equivocating .The only quibble about this book is the lack of colour illustrations . It isn't worth quibbling over such a small amount.

  7. Scrupulous Adjective Careful Meticulous Conscientious Fastidious . Precise Punctilious You must be scrupulous about hygiene when you're preparing a baby's feed . He was scrupulous in all his business dealings.

  8. debilitate verb to make sth weaker . undermine sap wear out exhaust impair .cripple . enervate .devitalize re severely debilitated by hunger and disease. .Prolonged strike action debilitated the industry.

  9. righteous adjective morally right and good moral eupri ethical e pure He consider himself to be holy and righteous in all his ways. . I believe in a righteous God

  10. scintillating adiective very clever, amusing and interesting .brilliant .dazzling exciting . stimulating lively invigorating a scintillating performance Statistics on unemployment levels hardly make for scintillating reading .

  11. Welt Noun A raised mark on the skin where sth has hit or rubbed you Weal . Sca Mark Ridge Contusion

  12. Assent Noun Official agreement to or approval of sth . Agree Approve . Grant Accede Acquiesce .Consent . The Director has given her assent to the proposals. .There were murmurs of both assent and dissent from the crowd.

  13. emphatic adjective an emphatic statement is given with force to show that it is important absolute eunequivocal . marked categorical strong .distinctive .firm .He was emphatic that he could not work with her. .She was equally emphatic about the importance of discipline.

  14. Gingerly Adverb In a careful way . Cautiously . Prudently . Carefully .Attentively Delicately Judiciously . Tentatively .He opened the box gingerly and looked inside

  15. Inception Noun The Start of an institution, an organization etc Inauguration Initiation . Opening Dawn .Start .Birth .Origin Rise The club has grown rapidly since its inception in 2007. .

  16. Scant Adjective Hardly any; not very much and not as much as there should be Little . Limited .Deficient Sparse Bare Minimal Hardly any Insufficient I paid scant attention to what she was saying