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Vernier Caliper (in Hindi)
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This lesson covers the description of vernier caliper.

Jyoti Shinde
Hello I am mechanical Engineer. I am working as a Mechanical Project & design Engineer at Jain Electronics co. Pune.

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hindi bhe'd ka course create kare
  1. Vernier calliper Siorrens 40 10 Presented by Jyoti Shinde BE(Mech)

  2. Construction 10 Vernier scale Main scale

  3. LC of vernier caliper Smallest divisi on on main S cale Total number af of vesniex divisions on ve nie s cale LC

  4. Determination of zero error 3 6 6 LLLLLLLLLLL11mlul l l l 1111111

  5. Zero error Coin ciding vernier hero ezordivision vernies numbex

  6. Zero line Of Ver. 1 e Scale cole Coin cides cwith Zero OF main S cale Then Scale ero Vernier Scale Jies on ght SPde OF ero of main Scale 1o "Thenl S Subtract ed From the Observed Main Reading Scale ero OF vernies Scale lies orn 10__ Vernier Left Side of Main Scale Scale "Then, It is add 1 n the observed -Main 2-scale, "re adi

  7. Toto) Re where, + (n* L. c.) ading= Ma"n scale veading. . By noting Pos,tion of = veraer tero on main scale. nVe mi e1 Scale eivision number which 0 instume nt have Evor then, Convected readiog Total Yeading ero Emor