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Accuracy - Precision and Calibration (in Hindi)
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This lesson will show you the basic concepts of Instruments.

Jyoti Shinde
Hello I am mechanical Engineer. I am working as a Mechanical Project & design Engineer at Jain Electronics co. Pune.

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  1. Accuracy-Precision And Calibration Presented by Jyoti Shinde

  2. A ccurancy It is the Agreement of the. ex perimental Vaiue to the t rue value For example :- I F obiect have a diameter 6 mm then, a ra X = 5.39, c' ol, 6.02. Accurate Y = 6.00, 6.05 ,5. go not Accutate

  3. lsecision: Closeness OF out comes oF Vavious measurement +aken for the same quantit For a example, if a object have a dliometer 6 oo mm then, If we take eadings then x = 5.99, 6.01, 6.02. Yee cise Y = . 6 .00, 6.05, 5.go _? not t'sec? se

  4. Accurancy Pe cision Accuvancy Agreement Of the experimental Volue to the Ccuran C true Value. Precision Closeness of outcomes af vorious measure -ment take for the Same quantity For example lo.00, lo.oz , g. 3

  5. Accurancy Pre cision true Value Precisian :- Closeness of outcomes of vaious measure -ment taken for the Same quantity x = neither accurate nor Precis e = only Precise Z = Accurate Precise

  6. What is calibration??

  7. Calibrati on: Coli b ation IS the ver f/cation of our test equipment to a natio al Standarc for example:. vernier caliber is Calibrated b usi slip gauge