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Micrometer Screw Gauge (in Hindi)
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This lesson will show you least count of micrometer screw gauge and how to take mesurement by using it.

Jyoti Shinde
Hello I am mechanical Engineer. I am working as a Mechanical Project & design Engineer at Jain Electronics co. Pune.

Unacademy user
Very interesting class sir. Thank you.
I am mechanical engineering production in diploma
  1. Micrometer screw gauge 0-25mm 0.01 Presented By Jyoti Shinde

  2. Parts of micrometer screw gauge Main scale Axial line Circular scale moin Scale " circulae Scale main-sale. hasoo divisio

  3. Least count eOst coun Patch Pt ch is the istance moved tch Prrch Dist ance movec) by Ahimble on moin Scale

  4. Oistonce movec By 'thi mble, n main scale --D thimble. 3mm th, m b c Oistancemoved on mai s cale 3 CiTCUtar Scale raio Sale

  5. So lest count is Pit ch L C Totol number ot divi sions on ci rela Scole

  6. Determination of zero error 9t9s9 Thimble Sleeve Reference Line

  7. Reference dine coins, des co1th -th e-Zero OF Scale He ference Scole 95 1F +Hh no Cioides then No. OF divisins By which ero or circular Scale t Count east FEence. Scale. 5 ero ies abov e Reperence Jine Zero -Jies below Refesen ce line

  8. How to measure/Taking reading

  9. eading Or Micro For m ula OF Total Reading otal twh ere, ej n _ C cu la cnv.sfon numbea which is eacty Coinciclig Jet's take an exam pie So 5 To 8 6 aeina G 68mro

  10. 0-25mm 0.01 Thank you...!!!