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UTalk : Motivation And Strength - Overcome Hurdles
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An extremely motivational story of Virali Modi where she recounts how she kept moving on despite being paralyzed neck down. Her story begins with how she, like a few us, had the dream of becoming a doctor, doing something to help the people in pain. But due to the unfavorable turn of events, this dream of hers remained unfulfilled. Being back from the dead, she did not give up, accepted life as it came to her and always looked at the brighter side. She passes the message that it is for all of us to know that each of us are special in some way possible. She did not stop after her dream of being a doctor failed, she did not want sympathy, she had the will power & determination to make most of her life, she has been working towards it & motivates us to do the same.

Virali Modi
Survived death thrice, Miss Wheelchair India 2014 runner up, Quora Top writer 2014, 2015, 2016, Published writer at BBC, Buzzfeed.

Unacademy user
sir i have gone through last 5 years upsc mains PYQs..i observed most of the Qs are based on static part..very less no. of Qs from current affairs eg govt schemes etc. Could you please guide..??
hats off to ur will power...i know someone close who is a gifted mathematician bt cant walk because he had an accident in which both of his legs have to b cut off. It may sound fine and easy while listening your journey and how you achieved all these...but its actually not...Virali..U are truly an inspiration...keep going...I am 100% sure u will walk one day...Godspeed! p.s...Your voice is really nice
Was shaken to the core by listening to your story God helped you and blessed you and you are his bravest daughter, thank you very much mam for sharing your experience and giving us motivation.
true sure this will help me whenever am down
Thank you didi , i litraly cried . God bless you. Love you di for inspiration.
virali you are truly inspirational to youngsters of this country,,,,,,,,,,,, i wish u all the best for your goal...
Manoj Raja
3 years ago
are you from Tamil Nadu
Thanga Raj
3 years ago
hi manoj... yes .. i'm from coimbatore..
Manoj Raja
3 years ago
i am from chennai.
  1. Motivation & Strength to overcome hurdles & attain desired goals! PRESENTED BY VIRALI MODI

  2. About me Miss India Wheelchair 2014, Runner up Quora's Top writer 2014, 2015 & 2016 Aspiring Actress/Model, Motivational Speaker, Writer Published writer with BBC, Slate & BuzzFeed Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. The beginnings At a young age, dreams & ambitions to be a doctor > I would help people & I would listen to people At this age, I was aware of child abuse, rape, murders, kidnappings & even malpractice cases by doctors Bought up in an environment which allowed me to pursue my dreams

  4. When life hits back Fell sick and became oblivious to the fact that I was paralyzed neck down I was not aware that I could not feel anything My body knew, my brain did not

  5. This is quite common with soldiers who have lost their limbs in battle Like a sensation that you can feel or move your limbs, but you really cannot on my first day at physical therapy I realsed how severe my situation was I was independent, never asked for help, I was strong- willed & hard headed But now, I was dependent

  6. Honestly, I thought I would lead an independent life throughout It hurt, really bad, but I couldn't cry Tears were not ready to escape my eyes Till this day, I have not figured out why My parents took me home after a couple weeks I was like a dead body, who is breathing

  7. I could not sit without support from both sides I did not know when I was hungry, or when I had to use the bathroom My parents worked me on My mom would get 5 different bowls and fill them with my favourite food items but keep them out of my reach, in front of me in different directions she made me get them myself, without touching the bowls

  8. I would fall forward, and with my weak arms, try to get a cookie out of the bowl This would take 20 minutes I was so weak that my arms would get tired My mom would never cry though

  9. My source of motivation My mother she quit her job & dedicated all her time to me Played games with me Re-taught me the alphabet coma had caused long term memory loss, which is normal

  10. My source of motivation quickly regained a lot of important memory such as Mathematics, Science, History & English I excelled at it, I was home-schooled that year passed with flying colours

  11. The journey Kept making smaller goals and accomplished them The ultimate goal is still pending, which is my goal presently I have recovered a lot, have the will power to recover more & eventually start walking The duration does not matter, if it is something I want, I will achieve it

  12. Always look at the brighter side of life, even if there isn't. Think positively and you will find it