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UTalk : Motivation And Strength - Overcome Hurdles

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Virali Modi

An extremely motivational story of Virali Modi where she recounts how she kept moving on despite being paralyzed neck down. Her story begins with how she, like a few us, had the dream of becoming a doctor, doing something to help the people in pain. But due to the unfavorable turn of events, this dream of hers remained unfulfilled. Being back from the dead, she did not give up, accepted life as it came to her and always looked at the brighter side. She passes the message that it is for all of us to know that each of us are special in some way possible. She did not stop after her dream of being a doctor failed, she did not want sympathy, she had the will power & determination to make most of her life, she has been working towards it & motivates us to do the same.

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