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UTalk: Back From The Dead - When Life Gives You Another Chance
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This UTalk is about a very emotional journey of Virali Modi, who survive death THRICE over a period of 23 days of coma, battled it out and became a model, Miss wheelchair India and Top writer on Quora from 2014 - 2016. A real inspiration to everyone.

Virali Modi
Survived death thrice, Miss Wheelchair India 2014 runner up, Quora Top writer 2014, 2015, 2016, Published writer at BBC, Buzzfeed.

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Please ncert 11 er j part baki ache sei video upload karun
Ankita Podder
a year ago
Ha kore debo
hello Virali..first of all you are very very beautiful person..i am sure you will walk soon..N I will pray for you..your story is very very inspiring..your will power is truely amazing..and respect to your parents...keep motivating...keep dreaming..lots of love to you..god bless you with all happiness of world
Seems Lumbar puncture is done by inexperienced idiots. I like u r spirit to live. I cant understand whats the reason behind all these. Is it Malaria or something else. If u r walking earlier, then why u confined to wheel chair. What happened to ur spine. If there is no genetical disorder or seriours damage to nerves, u can regain u r walking ability using homeo meds. I am the live exmple. All the best.
mam,tears rolled down my eyes and I started shivering after listening to your are a real fighter
Your an awesome person. I admit that my spirit came down but after watching your video I am back with energy. Parents's play a very important role in one's life and I salute your parent's. You are an incredible person.
hi you are blessed with beautiful people around you and your spirit to never give up take you to this level mam.... the words you tell is keep smiling.....????
  1. When life gives you another chance! Presented by Virali Modi

  2. About me Miss India Wheelchair 2014, Runner up . Quora's Top writer 2014 & 2015 . Aspiring Actress/Model, Motivational Speaker, Writer . Published writer with BBC, Slate & BuzzFeed . Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. How does it feel like to survive death? . Survived death three times over a period of 23 days . Age 14, located in Pennsylvania, USA . Had returned from a monsoon trip to India . Returned in the mid-week of August . School began in two weeks

  4. Background . School started . Suddenly during History class, experience severe headaches . All around the forehead like a halo, unlike normal temple headaches . Rushed to the college nurse and took Tylenol . Headed home

  5. Background . Reached home & fell asleep After 3 hours, wake up with high fever (102 degrees) . Immediately,my parents booked an appointment with my paediatrician . He said it was due to season changing

  6. Background . Advised me to take Mortin every 4-6 hours for the fever . Went home, started getting shakes . Feel extremely hot at time, extremely cold otherwise . Parents rushed me to the emergency room

  7. Background . Underwent MRI, CT Scan, Blood & Urine sample tests . Result: Negative . Final resort: Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap) . Performed by a resident doctor who inserted the needle between my vertebrae approximately 4-5 times

  8. Background . Senior doctor came in . He withdrew Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) . Sent it for testing My mother told the doctors that the symptoms were of Malaria

  9. Background . Doctor refused to take action due to the absence of proof . Unlawful to provide medication as it might be harmful . Result of CSF test: Negative . Sent home with Tylenol

  10. Background . Reached home & fell asleep for 4-5 hours After waking up, burning with fever & hallucinating . Kept yelling at my parents, asking them to stay away . Fell asleep after five minutes of hallucinating

  11. Background . After waking up, totally normal . Got up to go to the bathroom . Started to walk as if I was under the influence of alcohol . Not coordinated Got to the bathroom, could not urinate

  12. Background . Rushed to the ER again Tube inserted through my urethra to remove urine from the bladder . Transferred to Hershey Medical Center via ambulance . Another round of testing

  13. Background . Declared me dead on the spot . Pages CODE BLUE & called all the ICU doctors to perform CPR . My parents, aunty & uncle ran, pushed people out of their way to get to the testing room I was laying on the examination table where they were giving electric shock to my heart

  14. 23 days of Coma . Next day, taken for another LP . Resulted in my going into coma for 23 days . Doctors said there were uncountable WBC's in my CSF . Indicating towards a viral infection

  15. 23 days of Coma . Doctor called it serious . If the temperature did not go above 90, I would die . After one hour, removed the lamps & the blankets . The temperature rose immediately

  16. 23 days of Coma . After a couple of days, lost a lot of blood Resulting in reduction of haemoglobin level below normal . Doctors unaware of where the blood loss was from . So, gave me 3 units of blood and called it fatal Finally, after the blood transfusion, haemoglobin came up to safe levels

  17. 23 days of Coma . September 19, 2006 . A family doctor who is an Infectious Disease Specialist spoke to the doctors in charge of me . Requested them to give me a 14-day course of Doxycycline & Quinine . They were treating me for something I did not have. . I had malaria

  18. 23 days of Coma . The doctors' did not approve of his request My mother laid down by touching their feet . At 4 am, the doctors injected me with the first dosage of those medicines My parents went to sleep

  19. 23 days of Coma I could not recognise anyone . My family screamed for the Doctor, who came in and gave me a quick check up . He hugged my mother with teary eyes & said, "Mom, you saved us from committing an unforgivable sin! God bless your spirit. Your daughter will survive I went into coma again after 10-20 minutes

  20. The Co-incidence . My mother's due date when she was pregnant was October 5,1991 . My mother's faith . My mother's faith & belief is what saved me