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How I Braved Death Thrice And Achieved Success In Life


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Virali Modi

Always felt that you were incapable of achieving something you desired? Or felt that something is not attainable? This course is full of motivational lessons for all those to know the importance of staying positive in life & never giving up, no matter what life has in store, disappointments or hurdles, the inner desire should keep one going. The first lesson is one such spine-chilling story of the presenter, who has defeated death despite the situation being against her. She proved the doctors who declared her dead wrong. Such was her desire to live, to achieve goals in life, to do good to people. In the second lesson, she describes the hurdles she faced after the unfavourable turn her life took when she was a young girl with eyes filled with dreams. She motivates the viewer and passes inspirational learnings, thereby proving that fulfilling one's aspirations is definitely not impossible.

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