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This lesson consists of The Definition of Equality, Implementation, Struggles, Equality and how democracy deals with it etc. A complete summary of Unit 1. EQUALITY IN INDIAN DEMOCRACY

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  1. Unit one - Equality n Indian Democracy Chapter 1- On Equality... -Equal right to vote Universal adult franchise - All adults 18+) have the right to vote irrespective of their social and economic background. Kinds of inequality in present day lives Medical facilities Matrimonial Dalits Vegetarians and Non vegetarians Recognising dignity - Wnen a person is llI treated their dignity is violated

  2. Equality in Indian Demo cracy The Indian Constitution recognises every person as equal ( gender, caste, Economic background, Religion etc) Steps taken in recognition of equality Introducing it as our first fundamental right Every person is equal before the law No discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, gender etc Access to public placed Untouchability has been abolished Ways to implement the equality 1. through laws 2. Government programmes or scheme (midday meal, Dalit issues)

  3. ssues of equality in other democracies United States of America African and American issues Civil rights act of 1964.( Rosa Park) No country is completely democratic Maintain dignity Challenge of Democracy - Struggle for recognition

  4. Chapter 10 - Struggles for Equality .- Poverty .- Lack of resources .- Discrimination on the basis of religion c aste and sex