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Union Territories And Citizenship (in Hindi)
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This lesson cover the article related to the union territories and citizenship. Sorry learners, Some mistake while recording this lesson. According to Fazal Ali Commission report government reorganized states on the basis of linguistic factor.

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  2. Union and its territory Article 1:- India that is Bharat is a union of states. Article 2:- admit establishment of new States Article 3: formation / changes of existence States. Article 4:- law made under article 2/3 are not considered as amendments and pass simple majority. Reorganisation of States Dhar Commission- (appointed in 1948) Report-reorganisation of state on the basis of Administrative convenience rather than lingusitic factor.

  3. JVP committee:-(appointed in 1948), Report (1949)- rejected the reorganisation of state on the basis of language. In 1953: first linguistic state create Andhra state. Fazal Ali Commission (appointed in 1953), Report(1955) rejected the theory of one language one state. State reorganisation act of 1956- 14 states and 6 union territories were created

  4. Citizenship (art. 5-11 ,part 2nd ) Lienals statues counthjeve social economic and poltical rights in the country. Single citizenship but but J&K and USA have dual citizenship Borrowed from England but Canada is also the single citizenship. Benefits-voting rights, election, property and article 15,16,19,29 and 30 only for Indian citizens not aliens.

  5. Article 11:- Parliament have power to make any provision w.r.t. the acquisition and termination of citizenship. Citizenship act of 1955:- 5 way of acquiring citizenship:- by birth, by Descent,by registration ,by naturalization, by incorporation of territory Loss of citizenship:- By renunciation:-loss by self declaration By termination:- acquiring the citizenship of other country his Indian citizenship automatically terminate. By deprivation: - citizen obtained citizenship by fraud and show disloyalty of constitution. Government of India deprived his citizenship

  6. In 2015-amendment-citizenship act of 1955:- introducing new scheme called Overseas citizen of India card holder by merging the PIO card scheme and the OCI card scheme. NRI(non residence India):- citizen- india PIO(person of I OCI(Overseas citizen of India):-foreigner Residence-foreigr Residence-foreign Residence-Foreig n ndia origin):-foreigner, ancestor- indian By registered as a OCI