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Preamble And Schedule (in Hindi)
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This lesson cover the brief description of Preamble and schedules

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DO'nt quIT BSC(CS)-Govt. college, like to teach GS and MATH

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1. Pattiseema Lift Irrigation system links GODAVARI and KRISHNA rivers 2. IPCC headquarter - GENEVA 3. Flexi fare scheme is concerned with Indian RAILWAYS 4. Swaminathan Committee - policy recommendations under the Land Reforms, Irrigation, Credit and Insurance, Food Security, Employment, Productivity of Agriculture and Farmer Competitiveness.
Shreya Bharti
2 years ago
All correct :) Keep answering :)

  2. Preamble Meaning:- introduction of constitution Kesavananda Bharati case (1973):-SC held that Preamble is a part of constitution. It can be amended subject to condition that no amendment is done to the Basic features. Preamble has been amended only once in 1976 by 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act and added Three new words Socialist, secular and integrity. According to Thakur Dass Bhargava Preamble is a soul of constitution According to Dr. Ambedkar article 32 is a soul of constitution

  3. Keywords Sovereign:- india is neither a dependency nor Dominion of any other Nation. Socialist:- democratic socialism and faith in mixed economy. Secular: Democratic:- and political democracy all religions have same status equal opportunity in social ,economic it indicate that head of the state always elected

  4. Justice:- equal rights of social economic and political justice. Liberty:- Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship Equality:- equal status and opportunity. Ferternity:-promotes a sense of brotherhood.

  5. Description Schedules First schedule Name of states and union territorial jurisdiction Pay and allowances Second schedule Third schedule Oaths Forth schedule Allocations of seat of Rajya Sabha Fifth schedule Provisions related to schedule Areas and Scheduled Tribes Provisions for tribal areas of Assam,Meghalaya,Tripura and Mizoram (AMTM) Division of powers between Union and States in terms of list Language recognised by by constitution originally 14 language present 22 language Land Reforms and abolition of zamindari system Sixth schedule Seventh schedule Eighth schedule Ninth schedule(1st amendment,1951)

  6. 10th schedule (52nd amendment act of 1985) (anti defection law) 11th schedule (73rd Amendment Act of 1992) Disqualification of Member of Parliament Provisions of Panchayat system 12th schedule (74th Amendment Act of 1992) Provisions of municipalities