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Understanding Marginal Costing (In Hindi)
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Understanding basics of marginal costing to gain perspective on contribution margins.

Ashima Negi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ashima Negi
CBSE UGC NET. Full time Assistant Professor; MBA-FINANCE;BBA;NCFM;PGDM;TQM;ISO & QS9000;Assurance;CCIBL, Youtuber studytalkwithashima

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sir I hv lot of confusion regarding whole subject ...u knw LAck of time n I hv no right guidence plzzz reply how could I start ...plzzz
  1. NTA UGC NET 2019 UNDERSTANDING COSTS & ACCOUNTING By:- Assistant Professor (Ms.)Ashima Negi Candidate For Doctorate ( Ph.D.) UGC NET-Management. CA(1), MBA Finance, BBA, PGDM-Materials Management, NCFM, & Assurance, cCIBL. TQM & ISO 9000, QS 9000

  2. MARGINAL COSTING . The cost-volume-profit analysis is the systematic examination of the relationship between selling prices, sales, production volumes, costs, expenses and profits. This analvsis rovides very useful information for decision-making in the management of a company or example, the analysis can be used in establishing sales prices, in the product mix selection to sell, in the decision to choose marketing strategies, and in the analysis of the impact on profits by changes in costs. In the current environment of business, a business administration must act and take decisions in a fast and accurate manner. As a result, the importance of cost-volume-profit is still increasing as time passes CONTRIBUTION MARGIN . A relationship between the cost, volume and profit is the contribution margin. The contribution margin is the revenue excess from sales over variable costs. The concept of contribution margin is particularly useful in the planning of business because it g insight into the potential profits that a business can ge erate

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