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Common Stock And Preferred Stock Valuation (In Hindi)
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Understanding the calculation needs for valuation of stock, which is different from regular equity and preference equity. Explanation for how stock lies between debt and equity.

Ashima Negi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ashima Negi
UGC NET Qualified Assistant Professor; MBA-FINANCE;BBA;NCFM;PGDM;TQM; ISO9000 & QS9000;Assurance;CCIBL; Youtuber studytalkwithashima.

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Hello sister . Aap Nature & scope of business economics pr achchh videos bnae ho so aap n (Business cycle )pr bhi bna do n Videos p/z
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Will make
Roshni Ahuja
10 months ago
you are CA foundation student ?
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Roshni Ahuja
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  6. PREFERRED STOCK VALUATION Most preferred stock pays a fixed dividend at regular intervals. No stated maturity date. Due to fixed Nature of payments, it is also called PERPETUAL BOND. They have a "CALL" feature , and eventually retired. BOND VALUATION is applied if a preferred stock is expected to be "CALLED". BOND VALUATION here is modified one, due finite maturity, And periodic interest payments replaced eCall price replaces bond maturity value and all Payments are discounted at rate appropriate to by. "periodic preferred dividend". that stock.

  7. COMMON STOCK VALUATION Recent trend - common stock is analyzed in TOTAL PORTFOLIO of common stocks that investor holds. Helps determine required rate of return on a security.

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