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69 lessons • 1h 59m

Understanding Basics Of Costing

7m 36s

Introduction to Standard Costing

7m 36s

Advantages Of Standard Costing (In Hindi)

7m 16s

Budgets (In Hindi)

6m 02s

Understanding Activity Based Costing (In Hindi)

5m 31s

Understanding Transfer Pricing (In Hindi)

7m 21s

Understanding Costs I (In Hindi)

7m 41s

Understanding Costs II (In Hindi)

9m 03s

Understanding Marginal Costing (In Hindi)

7m 01s

Purpose And Scope-Cash Flow Statement (In Hindi)

5m 35s

Benefits And Limitations Of Cash Flow Statement (In Hindi)

7m 11s

Sources And Application Of Cash(In Hindi)

5m 41s

Zero Based Budgeting (In Hindi)

8m 11s

ZBB And Traditional Systems (In Hindi)

8m 11s

Marginal Costing (In Hindi)

8m 31s

Formula-Marginal Costing (In Hindi)

8m 37s

Absorption Costing (In Hindi)

8m 12s

Accounting Principles I (In Hindi)

8m 31s

Accounting Principles II (In Hindi)

10m 33s

Accounting Standards I (In Hindi)

10m 24s

Accounting Standards II (In Hindi)

11m 22s

Cost Sheet (In Hindi)

9m 20s

CVP Analysis (In Hindi)

13m 15s

Financial Management Theories (In Hindi)

10m 55s

Cost Of Capital And Computation (In Hindi)

11m 38s

Dividend Policy (In Hindi)

9m 43s

Financial Management-Valuation Model (In Hindi)

9m 28s

Common Stock And Preferred Stock Valuation (In Hindi)

8m 11s

Basic Valuation And Bond Valuation (In Hindi)

9m 52s

Capital Budgeting Basics I (In Hindi)

8m 50s

Capital Budgeting Basics II (In Hindi)

12m 16s

Accounting MCQs I (In Hindi)

11m 11s

Accounting MCQs II(In Hindi)

13m 00s

Accounting MCQs III (In Hindi)

8m 46s

Accounting MCQs IV(In Hindi)

9m 01s

Derivatives (In Hindi)

9m 44s

Forward And Futures (In Hindi)

10m 44s

Hedge And Hedging Types (In Hindi)

9m 43s

Arbitrage Process And Speculation (In Hindi)

11m 01s

OTC, Options And Swaps (In Hindi)

14m 43s

Time Value Of Money (In Hindi)

12m 33s

Cash Flow Statements (In Hindi)

13m 00s

Numerical-Cash Flow Statement (In Hindi)

9m 45s

Standard Costing (In Hindi)

9m 12s

Capital Structure Concepts(In English)

8m 24s

Approaches In Capital Structure (In English)

8m 02s

Cost Of Capital (In English)

8m 01s

Cost Of Capital-Debentures (In English)

9m 15s

Cost Of Capital-Preference Shares(In English)

8m 12s

Cost Of Capital-Equity Shares (In English)

10m 18s

Cost Of Equity Under CAPM (In English)

10m 05s

Capital Asset Pricing Model (In English)

10m 45s

Cost Of Retained Earnings (In English)

8m 16s

Weighted Average Cost Of Capital (In English)

9m 30s

Marginal Cost Of Capital (In English)

8m 18s

Ind AS Concept And History (In English)

9m 52s

Ind AS 101 (In Hindi)

9m 24s

Ind AS 102 (In English)

9m 57s

Ind AS 103 (In English)

11m 02s

Ind AS 104 (In English)

9m 18s

Ind AS 105 (In Hindi)

10m 14s

Ind AS 106 (In English)

9m 10s

Ind AS 107 (In English)

9m 22s

Ind AS 108 (In Hindi)

8m 20s

Ind AS 109 (In Hindi)

9m 48s

Ind AS 110 (In Hindi)

9m 52s

Ind AS 111 (In English)

9m 00s

Ind AS 112 (In English)

9m 02s

Ind AS 113 (In English)

8m 32s

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