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Types of Matrices—For IIT JEE only (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we discuss types of Matrix for IIT JEE.

Tushar Singhal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tushar Singhal
B.Tech l NDA Mentor l You tube channel with Maths Short TRICKS I more than 120+selection in NDA, AIRFORCE, NAVY

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Thanks Varun Aswathi ji. Please do continue this series. It would really help me to go ahead in career. Please share as much knowledge as possible through this platform.
Varun Awasthi
a year ago
Sure Harish. Don't forget to follow me. Very soon I will upload another courses. in that case if you followed me you will find notification. All the best
Harish B
a year ago
Just few days back I have gone through ur courses. Following your courses despite your verification on this platform.Thanks a lot on your great gesture
  1. V A RI0US k os of MATR es INDS O emoteni Matix o A Spmat s called idempotent previdedt V0yIclt Me lation AA tShow that the matin A tamle - 1 3 idempotent I -23 0 2 A-A 12-2-Y 34 3 2.

  2. (-1), 1-4)+ 3.yty. 1-3) 1-1), 1-2) + 3.3 t . 1-2) l. (-2) + 2). 3 t-3), 1-2) 2. 2. 2 Hence, the a A potert etiodic 2. a positive intecer. 0 X-1, we get A -A Ond weCalled it to be idem potent d matvic

  3. 3. Nil botent Mati vMe matri he elation 0Vldle and AK-1 She let A=1 otamble o- Show s hilbotent mat-ic 5 2 6s hilbolent matric 2 -3 ordor 3. 3 So 5 2 6 -2-3 2

  4. 5 2 G 1+2-3 369 3 3 3 2. 2--3

  5. 0 3 Hott, k=3 Oxde 3.

  6. A Squate mati A i Called invet involvTor is ident mat-tr( . involutory an mpshow that the malix A at -the maltix A& ihvolutor 2 2 2

  7. -810-2 0 lene, the Jiven mat Asto