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Properties of Determinants.
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In this lesson we discuss Properties of Determinants.

Tushar Singhal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tushar Singhal
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nicolo conti cameduring reign of devaraya 1st 9.nirmaljit singh sekhon in 1971 10.shantisagar
very good☺️
Sir video continue kriye plzzz
Tushar Singhal
a year ago
working on them will upload soon....
  1. PROPERTIES ot| DETERMINANT siemans yas, i. 12 13 22 a 23 ! 3 o ysus and calumns, ht a3 23 33 I 23 e. 3 1 1

  2. abtaimed is th ai of the valuc determinant, i.e en on intet , R. 32 23 a I 5 3L O

  3. then it valutersa a aC d bu a cmstant K, then TIhe value af the determunant, .e. a2 13 khen on ree

  4. 12 Cu 21 2 2.2 3 1 2 23|-2 4 2 2 takin

  5. prop Cu 12 Ka Ka Kai3 Kan a 33 12 al, a32 a13 12- 2 4 6 56

  6. 13 can b Criw o13 o32 1 a ul C3 2 Cl17 a b c 1 au

  7. each dernent a dutvrminant imultiplied b ( vii ) a constant kan d en col.umn, en .ivalme au then on Appging au3 (2 a2 3 2.2 a b -e

  8. of a dotahminant zero", then its value u Zvxa diteumunant ossanrcolumns becema identical when a is substiAut x, then oc-a) is a hactsn of given ditormnaut [I then 2t a 32 a

  9. the a dete minant aith 11. Tu sum to i.e a21 a22 a 2 3 1(x) g1 (x) X1