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Trace of Matrix (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we discuss Trace of Matrix with suitable examples.

Tushar Singhal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tushar Singhal
B.Tech l NDA Mentor l You tube channel with Maths Short TRICKS I more than 120+selection in NDA, AIRFORCE, NAVY

Unacademy user
sir kya iss course ko dekhne ke baad matrices and determinants ke NCERT ke question ban jayenge please reply
Tushar Singhal
8 months ago
Yes try the questions and send me your doubts.
  1. TRACE Trace a a tlements diaqonal A. 2 3 1 8 9 t A

  2. A is a skew Sqmmctvic matrix the tace c) none a) o b) Av 0

  3. let three matrm A=1,1 2. 2 1/

  4. ATs a pero will be val to a) Ab) A2 c A ) 1 iooS 200 5 - A PTP . A 2o 0 y nK+ 2

  5. 2h- ate matrit Sarne 0 de then! 11 be a) Symmetric d) data 1s adeqvate. 2h- (an- ) A2h-1) 5 3