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Types of joints
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Technical terms involved in bolted connections Types of joints

Samyuktha Ganesan
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  1. Terminologies in bolted connections

  2. 1. PITCH Centre-to-centre distance of bolts in a row measured along the direction of the force. NOTE: Case of WIDE PLATES, c/c distance along length of connection

  3. I. Minimum pitch, pmin2 2.5d Il. Maximum pitch, Pmax min { 12t, 200mm Compression members pmax = min { 16h 200mm) Tension members 't, thickness of thinnest plate

  4. 2. GAUGE Distance between 2 consecutive bolts of adjacent rows measured perpendicular to direction of force.

  5. 3. EDGE DISTANCE Distance measured at right angles to the force direction between centre of bolt hole and adjacent side of plate.

  6. 4. END DISTANCE Distance measured in direction of force between nearest bolt hole from end of the plate

  7. Specifications Minimum end/edge distance in.7 dh hole made with hand min 1.5 dh using machinery dh dia of bolt hole) Maximum end/edge distance r emax = min {12 t , (4t + 40mm)) 2 /250 fy

  8. 5. STAGGERED DISTANCE C/C distance of staggered bolts measured obliquely on the member.

  9. 6. Efficiency of joints Strength of joint Efficiency, = Strength of member x 100

  10. Types of joints