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Failure Modes in Bolted Connections
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Modes of failure of bolted connections

Samyuktha Ganesan
Lives by the saying "Learning never stops". A student pursuing her bachelor's in civil engineering.

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mam, can u please upload a video on welded connection also.. it is much helpful for understanding..
  1. Failure of bolted connections

  2. MODES OF FAILURE l. Shear failure of bolt 2. Bearing failure of bolt 3. Tearing failure of bolt 4. Bearing failure of plate 5. Tearing failure of plate 6. Block shear failure

  3. 1. Shear failure of bolt Force applied shear stresses induced slipping of plates Safety considerations. Factored shear force < X 4

  4. Load Load Single-failure plane A. Single-Shear Failure 0.5 x load Load_ 0.5 x load ouble-failure plane B. Double-Shear Failure

  5. 1. Single shear failure > Lap joints > Sinale cover butt joint 2. Double shear failure Double cover butt ioint Double- b ol Lap jomt

  6. 2. Bearing failure of bolt Shear restraint When plates are strong in bearing, the heavier stressed plate crushes shank of bolt. shear displacement Shear restraint

  7. 3. Tearing/tension failure of bolt Two types of failure possible, l. Gross section yielding-Shank area Il. Net section rupture- Threaded area

  8. 4. Bearing failure of plate Occurs when plates are weaker than bolts.

  9. 5. Tearing failure of plate 'An'-> ( B-na, ) t TEARING FAILURE OF PLATES

  10. 6. Block shear failure When bolts are placed at lesser edge/end distance, then shear block failure is a possible mode of failure (tensile forces)