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Design Strength of Bolted Connection
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Determination of bolt value (design strength of bolt)

Samyuktha Ganesan
Lives by the saying "Learning never stops". A student pursuing her bachelor's in civil engineering.

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  1. Design strength of bolted connection Vdb

  2. Vdsb Design shear capacity ab Design bearing strength Tdb Design tensile strength of bolt

  3. The design strength of the bolt, Vas, as gverned shear strength is given by: 1. Design shearwhere capacity (Vdsb Vnsb ,=nominal shear capacity of a bolt, calculated as follows: nsb

  4. 20 .

  5. The design bearing strength of a bolt on any plate, V as govemed by bearing is given by: where 2. Design bearing capacity (Vdpb) ominal bearing strength of a bolt where eP-0.25,1.0 ub is smaller of 3d 3do S.

  6. A bolt subjected to a factored tensile force, T, shall satisfy: T Tab 3. Design tensile where strength (Tdb Tnbnominal tensile capacity of the bolt, calculated as:

  7. Number of bolts required Design load Design strength of 1 bolt