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Triple Angle formulas
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In this lesson triple angle formulas have been explained. Value of sin 18 degrees is also calculated

Vineet Loomba is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
mi video pause krun adhi sodwte ahe nai jml tr mg explaination bgght ahe mam jithe mud sankhya ahe 37 tithe mi ans 39 kadhle jeki options mdhe ahe pn +6 +6 +10+10 +6 as nemk Asch krun ans chukte thanks mam
Ok mam nice startergy because math reasoning Question swath sodwale ki mag lakshat yete Kay chukat aahe te
thank you so much sir
sir assigment nahi mil raga hai apka limk me
sir compodeno and dividendo rule kaha par use karte hai
I thought triple angle as sin(A+B+c) ,cos(A+B+C) and tan(A+B+C) am I wright or wrong ?
Vineet Loomba
6 months ago
That is another thing..
sir, how Can we find the value of sin 37 degree??
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