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Trigonometry in Convex Polygon
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This lesson explains the geometry of convex polygon and the use of Trigonometric formulas to find radius if circumcircle and incircle

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Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
sir ur examples are awesome 👍👍
sir where is the topic of double and triple angle explained here?
sir where is double and triple angle topic explained here?
Sir please add few questions on this topic
Sir I am not understand that what you consider by 'a'
Vineet Loomba
2 months ago
A is side of regulqr polygon saurav :)
Sourav Nath
2 months ago
Sir is the input given in exam
Vineet Loomba
2 months ago
Sourav Nath
2 months ago
thanks. sir I am a bengali medium students of class 11th of wbbse board can I give jee mains and advance.i want to do my btech from a good collage
sir , you are amazing..
Vineet Loomba
a month ago
Thanks ..dont forget to rate 5 stars and share with your friends
  1. Convex Polyoon Suni D All internal angles egual 2 Siole equal Cu a. 2. 2 2. Bistaie de A M

  2. 0 2 2 01 LM

  3. nele oluge 4- 1 A3 0 unele