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Tricks/Tips Age Problem (Part 5) (in Hindi)
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Tricks problem based on ages (in Hindi)

Nikhil Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nikhil Sharma
Ex-Faculty, Mukherjee Ngr Delhi 5+ years of Teaching Experience. Cleared SSC CGL, IBPS PO, CLERK (Pre) EXAM, "NIKHIL10" - Code Plus Subscri

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mam plz tell me ye complete course he ?
Saumya Singh
5 months ago
Few more topics need to be added.
Sir aapka yhe lesson bhaut aacha hai.
  1. PROBLEMS BASED ON AGES Presented by: NIKHIL SHARMA (Verified Educator)

  2. HELLO LEARNER'S 57k 4.9 views Nikhil Sharma Educator since April 2018 Faculty, Mukherjee Ngr Delhi 3+ years of Teaching Experience. Cleared SSC CGL, IBPS PO, CLERK (Pre) EXAM LEARN WITH NIKHIL

  3. TRICKS TIPS PROBLEM BASED ON AGES (lesson no 5) a-7212

  4. o The ratio of age A:B is 6:5 and the age of each C and D is 9/10 times that of B. Age of F is less than A but greater than B. The ratio of ages of B and E is 2:3 also age of A is 3 years less than E. What is the ratio of ages of A and F if all the ages are in integers? A: B 6 5 B: E 2 : 3 A B: E12 10 15 E-A= 3 3 3, SO 11, Age of A- 12, Age of E According to the Question, F -1l 15, Age of B-10 A:F=12 : 11

  5. o Vimla is got married 24 years ago. Her age at present if 3 times of the age when she got married. At present her age is 12/5 th times that of the age of the son. Find the present age of the son. 24 years 2 24 112 and 3 36 According to Question, V S 12 5 12->36 1 3 Son's Presesnt age 5 15 years

  6. o The ratio of the ages of A and B at present is 3:4. The age of B 6 years after will be 26 years. Cis 8 years younger than A. Find the present age of C'S Father who is 21 years older than him 6 years A: B 3:4 B 26 years F C +21 B- 26 6-20 years 4 20 1 5,So Age of A-15 years and C 15-8 7,F 7+21-28

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