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Tricks/Tips Age Problem (Part 4) (in Hindi)
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Tips on age related problem part 4

Nikhil Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nikhil Sharma
Ex-Faculty, Mukherjee Ngr Delhi 5+ years of Teaching Experience. Cleared SSC CGL, IBPS PO, CLERK (Pre) EXAM, "NIKHIL10" - Code Plus Subscri

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  1. PROBLEMS BASED ON AGES Presented by: NIKHIL SHARMA (Verified Educator)

  2. HELLO LEARNER'S 57k 4.9 views Nikhil Sharma Educator since April 2018 Faculty, Mukherjee Ngr Delhi 3+ years of Teaching Experience. Cleared SSC CGL, IBPS PO, CLERK (Pre) EXAM LEARN WITH NIKHIL

  3. TRICKS TIPS PROBLEM BASED ON AGES (Unique set of Questions)

  4. Q: The sum of the age of a father and Son is 45 years. 5 years ago , the product of their ages was four times the father's age at that time. What are the present age of father and Son? FatherSon At Present: Sum of their age45 5 Years Ago, Father age Son age 4 * Father age Son's age (4 year ago)4 years So, Son's Present Age 4+5-9 years

  5. THE PRESENT AGES OF TWO PERSONS ARE 36 AND 50 YEARS RESPECTIVELY. IF AFTER N YEARS THE RATIO OF THEIR AGE WILL BE 3:4 ,THEN FIND VALUE OF N o Present age of A and B are 36 and 50 According to the question, B 50+N 4 = 144 + 4N = 150 + 3N N-6

  6. Priya got married 8 yrs. Ago. Today her age is 4/3 times of her age at the time of her marriage. Her daughter's is 1/8 times of her age. Find the sum of age after 5 years. Let the age of Priya at the time of Marriage 30 Her present age (assumed)x30 40years 4 10->8 1-4/5 4 Priya's actual current age- x40 32 years Daughter's age- 32x4years sum of their age after 5 years-32+4+5+5= 46 years

  7. THE SUMOF THE AGE OF FATHER, MOTHER AND SONIS 96 YEARS AFTER 8 YEARS THE MOTHER WILL BE THRICE AS OLD AS HER SON AND THE FATHER WILL BE AS OLD AS THE MOTHER AND SON TOGETHER. FIND THE PRESENT AGE OF THE MOTHER? o Sum (F+M+S) 96 yrs Sum (After 8 Years )=96 + 24 = 120 yrs F:M S 4:3:1 8 8 120 1 15 Mothers Age- 3 15*3-45 yrs Mothers Present Age 45-8-37 yrs

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