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Trick For Crystal Field Theory | C.N-6 |
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Bharat Panchal
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Ma’am as I’ve checked that tha capital of Palau is Ngerulmud on can you please let us all know which one is correct just to avoid any sort of confusion.
Ravi Gupta
2 years ago
You are Right, Ngerulmud is the capital of palau
Arpita Prakash
2 years ago
Even I did the web search and what you pointed out is coming to be true...however I referred to the older editions of two atlases wherein what I have mentioned was written ! Also please web search( Wikipedia) the place I have mentioned as capital, and you will see another detail !
thanks for make me a chemistry lover😅
thank you guru jiii.... doubts clear kr diye cft ka....thankyou very much sir
Bharat Panchal
9 months ago
Tqsm anu aaj mushkil aunga m tbiat bahut jyada khrab h
Ankit Jogi
9 months ago
ok rest kro
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