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Tissues : Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Definition of tissues, Cell Vs Tissues, Categorization of tissues

Sanyam Mehta
I am an IT professional cum teacher/trainer BTech ITIL certified Allow me to share my knowledge with you. Concentration and hardwork are t

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Rohit sir agar aap hindu ki summary bhi provide kara paye to behtar hoga.thanks for this initiative.
Apical M.T is divided into three types i:- Dermal tissue ii:- Ground tissue iii:- Vascular tissue
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  1. Sanyam Mehta IT Professional Private Sector 10 Years of Teaching Topic Of Discussion: Tissues: (Part 1)

  2. Definition of Tissues Definition A combined group of cells that function & perform together as larger functional units are called as tissues. Study of tissues: The study of human & animal tissues is known as histology & in plants it is called as plant anatomy Mineralized tissues Mineralized tissues are the tissues which incorporate minerals into soft matrices. 1. These tissues form a protective shield against predation 2. Found in both plants & animals. 3. Provide structural support.

  3. Cell Vs Tissue Cell Tissue Group of similar/like minded cells Cells are smallest basic units of life Eukaryotic & prokaryotic types of cells Animal & plant tissues are types of tissues Mitosis or meiosis are developmental processes Regeneration & fibrosis are developmental processes

  4. Categorisation of tissues Tissues: Tissues are classified into two types 1. Plant tissues 2. Animal Tissues Meristematic Tissues Permanent Tissues Simple Apical Lateral Intercalary Complex Parenchyma Collenchyma Sclerenchyma Protective Phloem Xylem Epidermis Cork

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