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Time & Work Special Types : PART 2

Pratiyogita Mantra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Pratiyogita Mantra

Unacademy user
sir I have seen in a made easy workbook, one of the method to prevent interference is to increase circular pitch, sir please explain this and if it is not correct then please inform me.
A and B together can do a piece of work in 30 days. B and C together in 20 days. A starts the work and works on it for 5 days , then B takes it up and works for 15 days . Finally C finishes it in 18 days. In how many days can C alone do the work?
Parikshit Mehlawat
8 months ago
1) Using (A+B) and (B+C) find out their respective efficiency and total work, Total Work=60 units; (A+B)=2 units per day; (B+C)=3 units per day 2) A work for 5 days and B work for 15 days, break B's work into 5+10 days. When A individually works for 5 days and then B work for next 5 days = A+B working for 5 days= A+B's Efficiency*2= 10units. 3) B work for remaninig 10 days, break C's 18 days work into 10+8 days; Just like step 2, B+C 10 day work = 3*10=30 units 4) Remainig work=60 - (30+10)= 20 which is done by C alone in 8 days, therefore C's efficiency = (20/8)= 5/2 5) If C alone had to do all the work= total work/ C's efficiency = 24 Days
Sir, last question mein half work done bhol Raha hair woh concept samaj nahi says doubt in that question.
Abhijith pv
a year ago
for full work 72*15(36*15=half,,) Now remaining work is Half. which is equal to 9*No of mens
Parikshit Mehlawat
8 months ago
Work1 = Work2 = 1/2(Half); dono side 1/2 cancel ho jayega; MDHEW wale formula mein daal kar dekh
Hello sir. Please solve this problem : A man and a boy can complete a work together in 24 days. If for the last 6 days man alone does the work then it is completed in 26 days how long the boy will take to complete the work alone?
Amit singh
a year ago
M+B = 24 Then total work by them. (M+B) *24 Now. M works for 6 days. Then M+B will be working for 20 days. Total work by them. 6M + (M+B)20 Equate both the total work. As they are equal works. (M+B) 24 = 6M + (M+B)20 Solving. We get. 1M = 2B Efficiency ratio wud be. M :B = 2:1 Put in any equation. Total work will be. (2+1)24 = 72 Now. Time taken by boy. Total work / B’s efficiency. = 72/1 72 days.
यूं आर द बेस्ट लेकिन एक बात है सर की वो स्केड्यूल नही शेड्यूल होता है शायद।अगर मैं गलत हूँ तो जरूर बताइएगा।
Srijan Singh
6 months ago
galat ho bhai. Dono pronunciation sahi hai. Ek American hai eK british.
Thank you sir Time and Work. lesson ka questions solve krne ke liye
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