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Time, Speed and Distance- 5 (in Malayalam)
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An important model higher level question which has been asked so many times before, explained easily with simple logic without using any formulas.

Hanshad H
Teaching experience of 4+ years, cleared RRB NTPC 2015, ACADEMIS EDU ZONE in YouTube.

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4...sir mcqs.. Entire history.. Entire geography.. Kab complete karoge
രണ്ടും late akuna caseloo
2nd question 3×4×30 ------------ = 6 1×60
20×30×20 --------------- = 20 10 × 60
adipoly class anu sir👍👍 and streams problems koodi add cheyyane...
  1. Q. A man raveing at a Speed of 2o Kmph reached his office 10 mins late. Next da he tyoVe iedot a speed of 30 kmph and he reached his -ice and home rs2 Cse Ruya Develo pmene -2ois 50 km d) 2 Km Speed 20 : 30 3 Distance - Speed xT me 2

  2. have to Yeach a place at a fixed time minubes 1 lo minu tes eary what dfstance have totYav [Beat Forest officer-2011] a)7 km b) 6km walk at 4 Kraj hv 1 win Yeach the e Dis tancecons tant speed>3: H distance Seed x Time 30 130 30 6 kno

  3. Q. A teache divng his vehi cle at 24 k her Schoo) 5 inutes late. se she bad aiven the vehicle 25%. Faster, she u , ve Ye ached 4 minutes eaYheY tha lrhe Scheduled Schoo, 2 Excise Inspector-2015) a) 72 km b) 36Kr mph,yeaches Speed CYeased by 25%-> 24 Speed 24:30 Distan ceSpeed xTirve ai 4s 36 Cu5)

  4. 2 kmPh a d Yeach es nis school 6 menutes late. The next day he in cveases his speed by 1Kmph and Yeaches 6 mi inutes be Foye e Scho Yor his house a) 5 4 Speed 2 : 3 7 42 30 12 Time 7:5