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Time, Speed and Distance- 3 (in Malayalam)
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Previous Year Higher level questions based on Average Speed.

Hanshad H
Teaching experience of 4+ years, cleared RRB NTPC 2015, ACADEMIS EDU ZONE in YouTube.

Unacademy user
sir aap chemistry mein kitna padhaenge?
avi to only organic chemistry ke concept discuss krunga... if you have doubts related to inorganic or physical chemistry then you can ask me. OR on my facebook id
2 years ago
organic puri discuss kar denge before neet? bki mai mail pe puch lunga aapse
clock problems and date problems onnu paranju tharamo
5hrs and 21km/hr = 5×21=105km 5hrs and 24km/hr. = 5×24=120km 120×105=225km
Albin P Wilson
2 months ago
first half of journey ennale പറയുന്നുള്ളൂ...first half ayaal 5 housil ethum ennu പറഞ്ഞിട്ടില്ലല്ലോ..doubt adich enikkum
nice class sir🤗🤗
  1. An traveis From A to 8 at a speed oF 60 kmph and back at a speed oe Ho mp Dist Speed? CForest Guard 205 kmph b)5o kmp s, sa Si +52 Avg speed

  2. a A man comple tYave I s Fivst half of the Jou me at the Ya e of al km/hy and second alf at t e Ya te of- 24 km] hy. Find the total louYne rn Km2(xPsc 2014 a Jo o) 22o km 224 km Avg . Speed = 2s,sa 2. R24 To ta, d-stan c e -22-4 x1o = 224 Kno

  3. . A pe $0nbrave is from P to q at a speed of 4 o kmpb and veturn by Pneyeastg hIs speed be ohhat's his trips 2 CAsse. Grade-a/ aniov Asst-20 average speed f bot tbe Ava speed2 s, s2 Si S2 c) 50 kmP, d)48 krop Avg speed - a 40 x60

  4. ?. A car driver decided to drve is carat a speed OF 60 Km/hx , the hope of coverina a d stance of 3o km in 30 minutes Bat ha lfcoag Etouah he Focurnd that his Speedl was ong 3 kmph. What Should be 63s speed the second hale oFhi Joutney rf he has to compie e atar) ava speed OF 60 kmph Z 1mpossible Avg speed2s S 1 800 + 60 s - Not Possible