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The History of Music in India
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Brief history of Music in India

Nithin Kunneparambil
Gave CSE interview in 2016, First attempt

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Impressive way of teaching...
Thee lesson creates love towards Indian music due to your voice
Nice lesson! Is this course sufficient for UPSC for topic MUsic?
Sir, I'm in love with your voice😊😊and the way you teach is awesome...
sir...ur voice is very nic..😇
  1. Course :- Music of India Lesson 1 :- History of Indian Music Presented by Nithin Kunneparambil

  2. Why should one study about Music Music is a indication of specialization and prosperity in a society. Music had been an instrument of change in Bhakti Movement, Freedom struggle and changes in the world. Music is a tool of soft power of our country

  3. Vedic Period Rig Veda speaks about music as a mean of entertainment of the Aryans. -YajurVeda speaks about people specializing in Music. Samaveda has direction for singing Singer priest called as Udgata. Upaveda of Samaveda is GANDHARVA VEDA. Ramayana speaks about instruments. Ravana playing Veena to please Shiva Mahabharata speaks about villages that had music tradition.

  4. Sangam Era Time period between 100-200 AD Puranannuru and Pattupattu mention of instruments made of leather of Animals. A special type of instrument called as MURASU is mention. Paripadal speaks about SWARAS A 1000 stringed instrument called YALA is mentioned.

  5. Early medieval Period Inscriptions obtained from Kudumiyanmalai of 7th Century speaks about Swara and Jatis and Shrutis. Mentions Gandhaara and Nishada swara. Many kings endorsed Music. In South, the Bhakti poets made beautiful music like Andal.

  6. Medieval Era Sultanate time : - Amir Khusro Tuti-i-Hind, Qawwali, Sitar, Tabla Mughal period :- Miyan Tansen in Akbar's court. Babur was fan of Music as from Baburnama Muhammed Shah Rangeela . Abul Fazl says 36 musician . Aurangzeb played veena though claimed it was against Islam. Wajid Ali Shah Thumri, Khyal etc.