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Personalities in Indian Music
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An attempt to cover some important personalities from Music world

Nithin Kunneparambil
Gave CSE interview in 2016, First attempt

Unacademy user
Sir when u r gng to complete u r modern history series... As u have said in u r overview that u r gng to cover 25 lessons... But it was not completed sir.. Really waiting for further lessons.. so plz try cover it sir..
Please complete this course...The best course so far I have seen on unacademy 👌
  1. Course :- Music of India Lesson 5:- Personalities Presented by Nithin Kunneparambil

  2. Carnatic Trinities Started initially with a personal called as Purandara Dasa. But later Tiruvaiyyaru - Near Kaveri - Three people started a revolution in Music. Called as Trinities in Carnatic Tyagaraja Swami MuthuSwami Deekshitar Shyama Shastry Special Mention : Swati Tirunal Maharaja of Travancore

  3. Female trinity in Carnatic M S Subhalakshmi L Vasantakumari D K Pattammal.

  4. Other Personalities - Swami Haridas : . Vaishnavite Saint of Vrindavan Contemporary of Akbar Guru of Baiju Barwa, Tansen. Mainly of Drupad style. . Miyan Tansen .From Gwalior - Ramtanu Pandey. Influenced by Sufi converted. . Popularized drupad. Given the title by Man Singh Tomar.

  5. - Amir Khusro - Tuti-i-Hind . From Patiyali. Master: Auliya, Created Qawwali, Tarana, Sitar, Table etc. Contemporary of Tansen Shah of Gujarat. Baiju Barwa Lived in court of Raja Man Singh, Kirat Raja of Kalinjar, Bahadur

  6. Purandara Dasa - Adi Guru of Carnatic. Disciples of Swami Haridas. Nemat Khan Sadarang. Supposed to have created Khyal form In court of Mohd Shah Rangeela . Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande - Born in 1800 Compiled various Music and literature with help of local rulers. Estd Merris College of Music Lucknow Famous for book Hindustani Sangeet Padhati in Marati

  7. Girija Devi (Very important - Passed Away this year) Expert in Thumri type of Singing She is from Seniya and Banaras Gharana Awarded PadmaShri (72), Padma Bhushan (1989), Padmo Vibhushan (2016) Died in 2017 Combined classical singing like Khyal with Regional variation of Bihar and Eastern UP