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Teaching MCQ Solving Techniques
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Here we discuss MCQ solving techniques for paper 1 which is very important for paper 1. Next course will be Research aptitude for paper 1 CBSE UGC NET, so stay tuned ask doubts if you have any. All the best

Navdeep Kaur is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Navdeep Kaur
JRF Awardee, NET qualified with over 7 years of teaching experience & Expert in NTA UGC NET JRF.

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  1. Teaching Aptitude with MCQs Target JRF MCQs Solving technique (for CBSE UGC NET Paper 1) By Navdeep. Kaur

  2. Contents 1 Meaning, aspects, Basic Requirements, Factors Affecting Teaching 2 Methods of Teaching 3 Objectives, Aims and Modes of Teaching, Phases of Teaching 4 Methods of Teaching According to Different Schools of Philosophy 5 MCQs Solving technique

  3. MCQs ON TEACHING APTITUDE 1. If some of the students in the class are found to be using intoxicants, the teacher should (a)Inform police (b)Inform the headmaster (c)Advise them properly (d)Punish them

  4. 2 Arrange the following teaching process in order (i) relating the present knowledge with the previous knowledge (ii) evaluation (iii) reteaching (iv) formulating objectives (v) presentation of materials

  5. 3. Which of the following is not a valuable feedback for a teacher? (a)Parents (b)Colleagues (c)Librarian (d)Students

  6. 4. Which of the following is true about modern evaluation system in secondary school? (a)Encourages root I (b)Continuous evaluation system (c)Product oriented evaluation (d)Summative evaluation system

  7. 5 While dealing with juvenile delinquents a teacher should A. play them with filthy sex jokes B. talk with them frankly and guide and channelize their C. D. potentialities in constructive ways complain to the principal against them none of the above

  8. 6 The professional requirements of a teacher as explained in the UNESCO publication is/are A. mastery over the subject and competency for teaching B. Innovativeness in approach and teaching strategies C. justice to the profession D. All of the above

  9. 7 If a student becomes unconscious in the class what will you do first? A. Rushing to the principal's office and canvassing for help impatiently B. Telephoning student's parents and waiting for them C. Giving first aid to him and trying to contact any nearby doctor D. making arrangement to send him to his home

  10. 8 Suppose you are teaching in a minority college where castism and n mindedness victimize you, for better adjustment there you should arrow A. uplift the humanistic values beyond these narrow wall and develop scientific temper in your students B. be submissive there and save your job at all costs C. rebel against such attitudes as it is against the norms of the Indian society D. none of the above

  11. 10 A teacher is said to be fluent in asking questions, if he can ask A. Meaningful questions B. As many questions as possible C. Maximum number of questions in a fixed time D. Many meaningful questions in a fixed time

  12. 12 The field of education is permeated by conflicts and misconception because A. problems in education call for subjectivity of interpretation B. problems encountered in teaching are not amenable to rigorous scientific investigation C. there are not good teaching methods and procedures D. teachers are not worthy of doing rigorous scientific investigation

  13. 15 A teacher exploits students in your school. In this situation, what you will do? Options: A) Report the matter to the principal. B) Not interfere in this matter. C) Guide the teacher please stop this activity. D) Go on Satyagraha against the teacher.

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