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Symmetric and Skew Symmetric Matrix (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we discuss basic types of Matrix with suitable examples and explanation.

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Tushar Singhal
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  1. Symmetric Matrix> mmetric Skew Symmetric Matin A Svate mor>i A [aij]s Said to be a

  2. 6 thos in a skeu- symmetrie matixk all clementa. along the principal dingon, I ate 2 O 2 -2 0 0 2 -1 -2 O A 2 B ore sktw symmetric matrix

  3. A matrinx is Said to be orthogonal Conjugate Transpose the tromspose Conjugate toahspose enote

  4. Skew Hemitian matoin

  5. of ample is orthogonal, then fnd 2. the value -p Y are unit othogonal rectoe 2 2,2 ZT and R, act we s.t ), (ii) and (iii), rom 3

  6. a b c amplc, in 52

  7. 3, ,3 2 2