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Success Story - Dr. Jagdish Jagtap
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This is the success story of Dr. Jagdish Jagtap who achieved a rank of 304 in the UPSC-CSE 2017.

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Ma'am, even Arpita ma'am is doing a course on PIB highlights. So is there any convergence between both or are both exclusive? I mean in terms of preparation point of view.
this is my opinion only... IMO only PIB isn't enuf... u have to also consider Hindu, ET, discussions on Parliamentary sessions (available on YouTube)... and a few international websites like UN, NASA etc... but no need to go into much depth in these foreign sites if they have no relevance with India... If you know about any other sites plz suggest. thanks
Pranav Kamath
a year ago
Okay sir you are right. Thanks.
Pranav Kamath
a year ago
I follow Hindu news analysis by Study IQ on Youtube and Current affairs by insights ias and also Tina and Arpita ma'ams highlights.
no need for sir or anything... I don't like formality... anyways the sources you have mentioned are enough... if possible kindly follow the editorials of Hindu and insight... best of luck
Pranav Kamath
a year ago
Okay thanks and best of luck to you too! Your first attempt as well?
yeps... first and last.... Buddha Ho Gaye about aur energy nehi jyada
Pranav Kamath
a year ago
Haha nice.
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  3. Jagdish is a dentist who ran his own dental practice in Satara Village in western Maharashtra. Satara Village, Maharashtra Jagdish's Dental Clinic

  4. Jagdish is a dentist who ran his own dental practice in Satara Village in western Maharashtra. He was the only dentist for 10 neighbouring villages. Satara Village, Maharashtra Jagdish's Dental Clinic

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  6. In his first attempt he missed clearing the prelims by a few marks. He gave the exam a second time but just missed the mains. He still didn't give up hope and figured out what went wrong and how he could improve.

  7. He signed up to be an educator on Unacademy. Since he started treating the preparation as a process, he remained motivated. Jagdish Jagtap 33 Followers 4 Following unacademy Home Explor Plusbytes part 3 0 minutes today Dentist, author, innovator, educator ppeared for Civil Services Interview 2017 est PreparationUPSC CSEModern HistoryBreish Empire (175 Administrative Organization of the British in India 5.02 ratings rev This course deals with the three main pillars of British Rule in lndia: Civil Services, Army and Police. It is an important course for both UPSC Enroll 20 Follow Prelims and Mains examinations Contribute to Jagdish Lessons 15 eviews imila Courses (6

  8. Jagdish cracked the UPSC exam in his third attempt, which was a culmination of the years of his hardwork and determination

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  10. He works closely with the local school to implement practical learning programmes. "Before I join the academy in August, I'm keen to see positive changes in my village."