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Learner Story - Neetu Bairagi
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This is the story of Neetu Bairagi who cleared the UGC-NET exam in Commerce.

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sir topic name is "The Backbone of India's Growth Story " can u please tell few types of questions regarding this topic. means what kind of questions can we expect from the heading "The Backbone of India's Growth Story ".
आँखों में पानी रखो, होंठो पे चिंगारी रखो, ज़िंदा रहना है तो तरकीबे बहुत सारी रखो, राह के पत्थर से बढ़ के कुछ नही है मंजिले, रास्ते आवाज देते है, सफ़र जारी रखो।” congratulations & am impres.. mind blowing my village girl happy... Happy... happy hurry.. hurry.. really
Rahul Sharma
11 days ago
Thank you so much bhaiya😃
11 days ago
thank you 😍✌️
unacademy such story encourage me.
great mam, congratsss mam
11 days ago
11 days ago
Ialso want to share like u mam... i almost did but unfortunately I just missed by .67 marks ... and ofcourse this only could be possible with the help of talvir sir 's vedios lecture thankuuuuuuuuuuu soooo much sir .... I again trying to got my dearm ...... and congrats to u Neetu mam ... m happy for u ... and m sure I ' ll definitely share my success like u.....
a year ago
yes renuka you'll be there in this list in no time just believe and achieve ✌️👍
a year ago
this you'll qualify for sure. "ALL THE BEST" 😊👍👍
  1. unacademy LEARNER STORIES

  2. Pursuing her M.Com degree from Government PG College in Hisar.

  3. Encouraged to consider teaching as a career option by friends and family

  4. Started following Educator Talvir Singh's courses on Unacademy. 484k views 4.9 Talvir Singlh Educator since April 2018 NET JRF Qualified Commerce II Motivational Speaker ll Comedy Addict II Lyricist By Birth II 3 Year Teaching Experience Il Youtuber 11.4k 0 12 Followers Following Courses Follow

  5. Neetu is very close to her paternal grandfather whom she calls 'Baaji'.

  6. Success in the UGC NET exam a birthday present for her brother.

  7. Recently decided to join Unacademy as an Educator.

  8. l have a golden circle of best buddies who have the courage to tell me when I am wrong

  9. Considers Priyanka Chopra her favourite motivational speaker.

  10. Positive outlook on life is what keeps her going