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Success Story - Bhavya Bansal
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This is the story of Bhavya Bansal who scored 98% in her Class XI Geography final exam.

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awesome explanation sir .. 👏👏
Money can do everything. She is from a good school. Her father seems to be well established. You must post about those who does all this and get 100% marks being most poor (Not having even NOKIA 1110).
is it necessary to have an arts background to crack UPSC civil service?
Is it necessary to have arts background to crack civil service?
Superb!!! Go ahead girl🤗
Bhavya Bansal
a year ago
Thank a lot 💚
  1. unacademy SUCCESS STORIES

  2. Bhavya Bansal scored 98% in XI Geography

  3. Bhavya is currently in the XIlth standard at Summerfields school, New Delhi. She is a humanities student.

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  6. Bhavya was able to score 98/100 in her XIth final geography exam.

  7. CONSUMER YOUTH RARTE PARLIAMENT Bhavya aspires to become a bureaucrat and maybe even a cabinet minister some day. PRIME MINISTER

  8. Her interest in the civil services stemmed from her desire to bring positive change to society and the country

  9. In Class VIII, Bhavya represented India in the Science Olympiad held at Turkey.

  10. You should do what you want and take a firm stand for yourself, then no one will question your decisions." Bhavya Bansal