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Straight Lines Important Questions Set-2 (Solved)
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This lesson takes up problems on straight lines

Vineet Loomba is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
sir please upload more problems
best approach to solving the problem.... And bhaiya plzz uplode more and more problem practice as a medicene for jee January
Vineet Loomba
a year ago
Okay sure ..dont forget to rate the course 5 stars
And also uplode some taugh problems as faster as possible...
Vineet Loomba
a year ago
Did you find these easy ?

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  5. 100% SUCCESS IN JEE MAIN AND ADVANCED (IIT-JEE) Ex. A ray of light passing through the point A(1, 2) is reflected at a point B on the x - axis and then passes through (5, 3). Then the equation of AB is (A*) 5x + 4y 13 (C) 4x + 5y 14 (B) 5x - 4y-3 (D) 4x - 5y6 13 N (5, 3) Hint A(1, 2 (a, 0) SUCCESS IN EE MAIN 2019 ER. VINEET LOOMBA (IIT RooRKEe)

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  7. 100% SUCCESS IN JEE MAIN AND ADVANCED (IIT-JEE) The distance between the two parallel lines is 1 unit. A point 'As chosen to lie between the lines at a distance 'd' from one of them. Triangle ABC is equilateral with B on one line and C on the other parallel line. The length of the side of the equilateral triangle is Ex 2 d--d+1 3 (A) Vd +d+1 x cos (e+ 3 0 ) = d--(1) and x sin = 1-d-(2) dividing V3 cot = (B*) 2 (C) 21d2-d+1 [ Hint: (1- d) , squaring equation (2) and putting d2 -d +1 the value of cot , x2 (4d2-4d+ 4) x = 2 SUCCESS IN EE MAIN 2019 ER. VINEET LOOMBA (IIT RooRKEe)

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