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Probability Advanced Problems Set-2
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This lesson discusses more problems on probability for jee main and advanced

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Vineet Loomba
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rahul aggrawal sir ka bhi editorial analysis ka video hai...both the course are different or same...plzzz rply
  1. mmon diff, is LS Total no . . ca se s S Common di Total no. cases 2 probability 174 1H + 11 t 2 ts-2- ernce 8 5 ae s Statement i is true A 3tatement I One ticket is sele cted at andom rom 5 o Lickets numbered oo, oI,0, the probability that the bum of the diqits on the seLe cted ticket is 2 r oduct 9. Jhen , wen that the these diits is zero A1EE 200 t c et A be the event that umo the digits is on the elected ticket is 8, then LS ct & be the vent that the Produt of the LS e ro 09 10 20 , 30, 4o R. SO

  2. Q-Jhree houses cure avai Lable in a Jocalit Jhree or the houses. Each applies' or one house without consultin othe ts roba bility that all the > ply &ame house is erS - or the LAIEEE 2aos] (a) 7 AuL the three pe rsons has 3 tions Total nurm be r af cases = 3 avourabl Ca ses-3 as either al has or heuse or 2 or robabi ily3 - 3 Jhe me an the Variance a distribution are 4 & 2 stru buu-tion respective ly Jhen , the roba bi Lity of 2 uccesses s AIEEE 20 Lt lb) 211 (c) 256 S 6 Given that, mean-y np Variance 2 => n r obabi L 2 2 Z 2

  3. horses are in a race .Mr A selects the horses at randam & bets on them. 3he robabilitythat Mr A selected the winning horse. EEE 200s A) The probability that Mr A selected the Jhe probabili ty that Mr A selected the winnin Av 0- gn a convex hexagon tw di onals are drn at random. 3he Probabi Lity ttthe dliaqonals interse ct at an n terior point af the hexon Inter L b) (b) 1) none n(s): tota l number of sections of 2 diag onal n ( th number eetiens dig ona 2 dlioqonal rsect at an interior point f 4 'erl ces which inta the number of se clections o 6 12 -Too cards are draun at random rom apack av a Tanolom ettu at eas't 52 cards . Ihe probabili a spade i. an ace is